What Is A Split King Mattress: The Best Choice For Couples

Couples face a common struggle of finding a mattress that can accommodate their sleep requirements. They complain about not getting proper sleep and feeling tired all day. A research study revealed that poor sleep could be a precursor to relationship problems. Choosing the right mattress could make all the difference, and maybe going for one that splits could be the solution for you. But, really, what is a split king mattress?

What Is a Split King Mattress? 

A split king mattress has two extra-large mattresses laid on separate but connected bedding foundations. You would see two mattresses placed side by side. Couples also chose it because mostly split king beds have an adjustable base controlled via a remote. It is an automatic bed frame that can elevate the two mattresses separately or the whole mattress at once. The retainer bars hold the mattress in place and prevent any accidental shift.

As the bed foundation is separate, you can raise the heights of two sides as per your choice. For carrying two extra-large mattresses, the size is counted the same as a regular king-size mattress. Buying a split king bed will offer each person personalized height and comfort and save you from the worst psychological outburst. 

You also need two separate twin fitted bed sheets to cover each mattress and a king-sized single bed sheet to cover both the mattresses.

Difference Between Regular King And Split King Bed

Split king and regular king mattress is essentially the same size i-e 76 inches by 80 inches and can be fit easily in a room of 1212 feet. 

The main difference between the two is that a regular king mattress is a single mattress, while a split king is two mattresses placed together. 

On a regular king mattress, couples have to compromise on their partner’s sleeping habits, while on a split king mattress, they have their own choices and are not affected by their partner’s movements. In a split king bed, since the two parts are separate and pushed together, moving them is easy, while the regular king mattress weighs up to 200 pounds is very difficult to move.

Each part can be adjusted separately on an adjustable frame for the split king, while this is not possible in king size mattresses. It has to be moved as a whole. Although their prices are equivalent, split king costs a bit more than regular king size.

What To Look For While Buying A Mattress

Don’t rush for buying a mattress without looking into the following features:

Mattress Firmness Level

Always look for the firmness level of your split bed. If you and your partner had the same preference for the degree of firmness, why would you bother getting a split king mattress?

The best advantage you can get with a split king bed is its customized firmness level. For a partner with more weight, the firm bed would be best, and for a partner with regular weight, a medium-firm level would be ideal. 

Whatever your choice is, don’t forget to buy the split mattresses as per your choice.

Mattress Type

The mattress type also plays a vital role in relaxing your body and mind. A wide range of mattress types is available in the market to accommodate different user needs.

For instance, if you want to relieve your pressure points, a foam mattress would be best, and if you want more support and a bouncy feeling while lying in your bed, an innerspring mattress will be perfect.

If your partner continuously tosses and turns around in the bed, consider selecting memory foam instead of spring foam. Spring foam can hardly control motion, whereas memory foam is best at absorbing movements and providing firm space.

Company Policies

Indeed, you never go back to a company that doesn’t offer good customer service. Follow the same rule while buying a split king mattress. Always make sure that the company is offering a reasonable free trial period. 

It is impossible to estimate in a day that a mattress is exact for all of your sleep requirements. It will be possible only when you sleep on it for a few weeks. Moreover, if you order online, you haven’t checked it before, and an extended trial period can help you inspect it and save you from a big loss.

Also, check the delivery and return policies and warranty time of the mattress.

Additional Bedding Arrangement

Buying a split king mattress means purchasing new bedding and base for your room. Many companies offer additional beddings along with your mattress. If you can bear the expenses, it’s better to buy both items from a one-stop-shop for the most comfortable shopping experience. 


Though mattresses have variable prices but anticipate paying more while buying a split king mattress.  If you need a new bedding frame, also add its cost to your plan.

Benefits Of Having a Split King Bed

No two persons can have the same preferences, which is why we suggest a split king mattress for couples. When it comes to compromising sleep, it can lead to severe stress, depression, and reduced work efficiency. Having a split king mattress will save you from such consequences and give you the following benefits:

Variety Of Choices

Split king mattress provides you the flexibility to choose your mattress type. You can also control your mattress height with adjustable height. You may adjust your bed’ height to read a book while your partner sleeps. Some of them even have temperature control features.

Motion Isolation

Since it’s a split system, one partner’s tossing and turning cannot affect the other. All the sleeping movements will be confined to one mattress without disturbing your counterpart.

Better Sleep

As you and your partner sleep on separate mattresses, each of you will be free from the other’s turning and tossing movement and get a perfect sleep.

Firmness Preference

As aforementioned, you have the freedom to choose firmness level according to your desire. A side sleeper can choose a soft mattress, and a stomach sleeper can select a firm mattress. 

While you sleep comfortably on a medium-firm bed, your partner may get epic sleep on a very firm bed. 

Some Minor Drawbacks

There are some drawbacks of which you should be aware before buying the split king mattress:

  • Couples should be prepared to put some effort into assembling separate bed frames.
  • There would be a gap between two beds and can be problematic for those who move towards midline while sleeping.
  • Buying a split king mattress requires spending more money on a new bedding foundation and sheets.

Final Words

There needs to be a lot of effort while buying a mattress—the effort doubles when you do it for you and your partner. Many things are counted, from firmness level to kind of mattress and height level to price preference. Thankfully, a right split king mattress can address all of these needs. You will sleep in your style while staying close to your partner and always awake, fresh, and content.

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