Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze Review [2021]: Is it right for you?

Everyone has their own preferences while choosing a mattress. Size, material, texture, and even brand work differently for different people. That’s how diverse we humans are. Recently, Tempurpedic developed a new mattress that targeted one of the biggest issues people face while sleeping: overheating. Tempurpedic luxe breeze mattresses have cooling technology that helps get better sleep. We tested this claim and have brought for you a rigorous Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze review to help you decide whether it is a nice pick or not.

Tempurpedic Luxe breeze overview

When it comes to memory foam, Tempurpedic is among the pioneers. The company claims that the Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze mattress is specifically designed for hot sleepers. It will keep your body cooler up to 8°. The six foam layers and cool cover technology help you get a good night’s sleep, so you don’t wake up at midnight because of feeling hot and sweaty. You can choose its firm or soft variant as per your preference.

Tempur-breeze Line

Their Tempur-breeze° Collection comes in two types.

1) Probreeze 

2) Luxebreeze

  1. The Probreeze type has two variants, foam and hybrid mattress, each cool up to 3 degrees with medium firmness.
  2. The revamped Luxebreeze type has two variants:
  • Firm Mattress (cools up to 8 degrees, foam mattress, firm)
  • Soft Mattress  (cools up to 8 degrees, foam mattress, soft)

Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze buying guide

You can buy it from the Tempurpedic website, online or offline retail store, or through the Tempurpedic store. Each retailer offers different sleep trial days and returns policy.

If you choose to buy from the Tempurpedic website or on the phone, you will get 90 days trial period. In case you don’t like the mattress, you have the option to return it after 90 days with a $175 shipping fee.

With white glove delivery, the company calls to schedule a delivery time and deliver the mattress to your room.

Once you purchase, the company gives a 10-year warranty for replacing or repairing any defect according to the warranty guidelines.

Cost and dimensions

Here are the prices and dimensions of each size without any discounts or promotions as of this writing [in 2021]:




Twin long

38″ x 80″



53″ x 74″



60″ x 80″



76″ x 80″


Split King

38″ x 80


California King

72″ x 84


Split California King

36″ x 84″


Construction of the Tempur-breeze luxe

Except for the firmness, both Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze mattresses are the same in construction, with a total of 6 layers. The design is immaculate with nice cut foams and minimal glue.

The soft variant is optimal for those who prefer a soft foamy feel. The firm variant is suitable for those who want a firmer feel while sleeping.

Here are its construction layer details

  1. Smart Climate layer: It forms the first two outer layers that are cool to touch and zipped off.
  2. Phase change material layer: Cooling technology that can absorb heat and adjusts according to body temperature. It melts to release the trapped heat and freezes to give the cooling effect
  3. TEMPUR-CM+Material layer: The  advanced material that allows heat and humidity to escape out, thus keeping the optimum cooling all night
  4. Ventilated TEMPUR-APR Material layer: This layer has exclusive pressure-relieving material with small top to bottom holes for enhancing airflow
  5. Transition layer: The thickest layer of all above.
  6. Thickest layer: This layer is denser and thickest poly foam specially cut into egg carton shape for better airflow and dispersal of heat
tempurpedic luxe breeze review
Beautiful room with nice bedding. Credit: Pixabay.com

When to pick Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze?

As you are here for a Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze review, there must be a question in your mind as to why you should buy this expensive mattress. Buy it only if you fulfill the given criteria:

  1. You face the constant issue of waking up at midnight for feeling too hot. You spend restless nights and never feel fresh. If that is the case, then this mattress could be your sleep saver.
  2. You are average weight. If you are above average, then don’t buy it. Though it’s plush soft, it gives a firm feeling to those above average weight and doesn’t provide the optimum support.
  3. Your preference is plush memory foam, and you don’t like very firm beds. Also, keep in mind that after a break-in time, the mattress becomes softer. So, choose wisely
  4. You are a side sleeper. The mattress adapts to shoulders, hip, and knee contours and provides a comfortable base for side sleepers.

Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze Review: Pros and cons

Have a look at its pros and cons to get a clear idea of Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze review and decide whether you need this mattress or not:


  1. With the gold standard brand reputation, you can trust their claim
  2. It is super cool. When you say that a mattress can provide a cool feeling, this mattress just fits that claim. It has more cooling capacity than any other Tempurpedic collection. You would never be hot and sweaty again at midnight.
  3. The company offers a free 90-day trial and white glove delivery. You are spending a lot, so at least you deserve that much convenience, Right? Within 90 days, you can indeed decide about keeping it for the rest of your life or not.
  4. Thanks to its memory foam technology, you can sleep peacefully with your partner, who tosses, turns, or even jumps in the mid of the night. The memory foam technology restricts your partner’s movements to that side only.
  5. With exclusive technology, it adapts to body contours and provides the right body support. Thus, it proves to be a pain reliever for people who have body aches.
  6. It comes in two firmness levels
  7. It is durable and has a long lifespan compared to other brands’ mattresses
  8. You can remove the cover and  wash it


  1. It’s expensive. You have to spend top dollar to get this mattress at home. 
  2. If you don’t feel hot or face any heating problem while sleeping, this mattress is not for you. If you hate the chilly feeling while touching the cover, then don’t go for it. Try other options from the Tempurpedic mattress line
  3. With a pack of six layers, it’s somewhat taller than other mattresses. It has a 13″ height, and the bed frame adds to the height too. Getting up on it might be difficult for your kids or pets. Therefore, keep this thing in mind before buying
  4. Along with height, it can also be heavy
  5. With its first unwrapping, it gives a chemical smell that goes off with time

Tempurpedic luxe Breeze reviews from customers:

After deeply analyzing Tempurpedic luxe Breeze reviews, we can say that customers had a good experience with it. Most of the reviews were positive, and customers were satisfied with the product claims. Customers were concerned about the high prices but loved their white glove delivery and return policy.

Do we recommend it?

Though a bit pricey, it is a solution to your heating nights. It can be the ultimate choice for people who prefer plush memory foam and cool nights.

The price owes to its quality and buying it would be an excellent decision. Compared to other mattresses in the market, no one can offer that perfect cool feel as Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze does. Moreover, Tempurpedic mattresses have a long lifespan, so don’t worry about picking up another mattress after a few years. It will be your lifetime friend.

Thanks to its exclusive cooling technology, you will be able to sleep easily and stay cool throughout the night. You will get rid of hot, sweaty, and restless nights forever.

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