How to Wash Wool Blanket

As the weather starts getting chilly, a day without your cozy blanket must be hard. What if your blanket needs a wash this time? If you use a woolen blanket then it needs proper care and cleanliness. Make sure you keep your wool blanket clean from time to time otherwise your skin might catch rashes and other skin problems including allergies. 

We agree that nothing beats a wool blanket in winter. The warmth, the coziness is something you can not say no to when you are about to snooze another five minutes on your alarm. But with great comfort, comes greater care. Cleaning is the key in this case. So, if you are planning on giving your wool blanket a wash all by yourself then we can help you out!

What Do I Need?

Us, for now. You need to grab a few things to wash your woolen blanket for a squeaky clean version. Check out this list below and grab all the ingredients before you start-

  • Detergent (preferably the wool safe ones)
  • Water
  • Club soda 
  • Distilled vinegar (if club soda is unavailable)

Along with these ingredients, you need a few more things to wash your blanket. We are trying our best to use the most basic and minimal things to wash. The next list basically includes a set of tools that will be required to wash your woolen blanket at home. 

Don’t stress out because chances are you own almost all of the tools. So, have look at the next list we have prepared especially for you filled with some mandatory and some optional tools to wash your blanket-

  • Washing machine
  • Clean cloth
  • Soft cloth (preferably bristled)
  • Soft towels 
  • A drying rack
  • Pressing cloth
  • Iron

After getting all these ingredients and tools in one place, you can get started. Check out the next section where we discussed the entire process in a few easy steps!

How Do I Wash My Wool Blanket

Step 01

When it comes to cleaning, a common perception is, cleaning with water and other ingredients right away. That’s so wrong. So before you wash your blanket, you need to consider taking a few steps beforehand.

Likewise, shake your woolen blanket firmly. Don’t do it in a stuffed or isolated room. Rather place your blanket inside a room that covers a great amount of ventilation. Then hang it on something and let your blanket get some air. This way the dust stuck in your blanket may deteriorate. Additionally, this process is excellent for getting rid of any type of bad smell. 

If it is possible then place your blanket under the sun. this kills some germs too and gives you freshness. Lastly, shake your blanket firmly to get rid of small unwanted particles.

Step 02

After shaking your blanket, you need to brush your blanket with the soft brush we mentioned earlier. To do that, you need to lay your blanket down on a plain surface. Make sure it is clean as well. Start brushing your blanket. When you start brushing, just make sure you do that in the same direction. In case there is any dirt that got stuck in your blanket, will come out through these brush strokes. 

Step 03

Stains are unpredictable and long-lasting. You will get stains no matter how hard you clean up. For that reason, look out for the stains on your blanket. If possible try to clean the blanket right away after getting a single stain. But as discussed, stains are unpredictable you need to have backup plans too. 

For instance, even if you notice a new stain a few weeks later, immediately execute all your actions to clean up. Pick cold water, detergent (a mild one), and club soda. Take care of the stain with these. On the other hand, add 1/3 cup of distilled white vinegar with  2/3 cup of water soak the entire stained area and then get the clean cloth and blot that place gently.

Step 04

Machine time! After going through the abovementioned steps, it’s time to let the machine do its work. First, fill your washing machine with cold water. Don’t add hot water at any point. Hot water has the tendency to make woolen things shrink. 

Then soak your blanket in the cold water for 10 to 15 minutes. Use the detergent we have mentioned earlier. Then give your blanket a thorough wash. 

Step 05

When you are washing, make sure it is run on a gentle cycle. Let it run for around 2 minutes max. Then start the rinsing cycle to rinse it. As you are washing a blanket in the machine, one rinse cycle won’t do. In that case, you might have to run this cycle another time or twice till all the detergent water goes out of your blanket. Keep on running this cycle till there are no suds.

Step 06

One of the common mistakes people do with a woolen blanket is that they try to wring out the entire blanket after getting it off the washing machine. In that case, don’t ever do that. Wringing out a woolen blanket only ruins the beautiful shape of it. 

So, this step may seem a bit tedious but you need to do this in order to retain the regular shape of your blanket. Grab the dry towels and start absorbing the excess water out of the blanket. Get rid of excess water as much as possible and that may require the use of more towels.

Step 07

Last stop! Dry your blanket. Another common mistake people do, it put the wet blanket out in the sun. Your blanket should never be in direct contact with the sun. You can hang the blanket in a place where it won’t be in direct contact with the sun and simultaneously the air will pass properly. 

Or you can blow dry your blanket for the fastest results.

Bottom Line

Lastly, we have tried to cover the most common mistakes people usually do and we are hoping that you would avoid doing that onwards. Happy washing!

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