How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

When it comes to beating the biting cold of winter, nothing is comparable to a weighted blanket – it’s a clear winner! The comfort and warmth it provides are absolutely out of the world. 

Snuggling up in it literally makes you feel like you’re in a heavenly bed-of-roses. You won’t be wrong if you call it the truest best friend of chilly seasons. And, when you want to keep your cozy best friend’s company for years, you gotta clean it properly by applying the appropriate techniques.

Yes, you need to apply the appropriate techniques, otherwise, the fabric and the filler of your favorite fluffy blanket will get shrunken or sagged. No worries, this won’t happen to you as you’ve found us.

We’ll tell you how to wash a weighted blanket step by step below to satiate all your quandaries. Keep reading…

First, Spot the Stains and Cleanse Them

It happens every time that if you put your dirty clothing into the washer without treating the stubborn stains, the stains linger. And, then when you put it to dryer the stain becomes stiffer. The case is the same with the weighted blankets too.

So, wiping off the stains is definitely the first thing to do before washing it entirely. To make this clearer to you, the cleaning procedures are given below depending on the type of stain.

Measures for Removing Dry Stains

As you locate the stains check whether any dry solid is stuck or not. If you find any, gently scrub it out using your hands or a toothbrush. Next, pour cold water on the spot area and softly run your fingers to wash off the stain. Make sure you’re not using warm water, or it’ll ruin the matting of your blanket.

Even, lukewarm water is a big NO. We’re emphasizing this because when it comes to laundry, typically we get a better result with warm water – but when it’s a bulky blanket filled with poly pellets, organic grains, beans, or micro glass beads – the case is different.

Measures for Removing Greasy Stains

Having meals or snacks while snugging in your cozy blanket is pretty common, but unfortunately, this results in many greasy stains on your blanket. Moreover, if you don’t wipe it off immediately, these greasy stains become stiffer with time.

So, spot-on cleaning of this sort of stains is very essential. Whether you know it or not, dishwashing solutions come really handy in removing oily stains. Drip a few drops of the solution directly on the stain, then rub well using your fingers or a toothbrush to remove it. When the stain goes off, clean the area with a damp cloth.

Measures for Removing Liquid Spilling Stains

Liquid spilling stains are again very common, to remove this, you need to use a bleach-free soap. Cut a slight portion of the soap and drop it in a mug half-filled with water. Stir well to make a subtle soapy solution, and then rub the stained surface with a help of a cotton pad or toothbrush.

When the spots start to fade, start pouring cold water and keep rubbing until the spots disappear completely. However, make sure the soap doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or any essence of bleach and vinegar as they can strip off the softness from your flabby blanket.

Next, Launder the Weighted Blanket

Before you decide whether to go for machine wash or hand wash, check the care label comes affixed with it. For your convenience, both of the washing options are given below. So, when you’ll be up to do the laundry make sure to follow the one that is written on the care label of your blanket –

Measures to Hand Wash

To hand wash, the blanket needs to be fully dunked into the water so if you don’t have a bulky washing bowl, use your bathtub instead. Fill one-third of the bathtub with cold water, then instil 2 cups of bleach-free detergent, and mix well until the water gets lathered up. Furthermore, add around a cup of sea-salt to the mixture, it will prevent the detergent to take away the glaze of your blanket. 

Now, dip the entire blanket into the detergent water mixture and let it soak for 2/3 hours. Then gently rub the blanket all the way using your palm and fingers. The yarns of the blanket tend to loosen up due to being wet for hours, so don’t apply any harsh technique. Even a slight push and pull can result in tearing your favorite blanket, so be mindful while washing it. 

After rubbing for a while, when you’ll feel like you are done – do unplug the bathtub drain to empty the soapy mixture. In the following, fill the tub up again with clean water to swish and rinse the blanket. And, keep repeating the filling up and rinsing process until the blanket is entirely soap-free. 

Measures to Machine Wash

Before you set out to machine wash your blanket, check the capacity of your washing machine. If it can take up the weight of your hefty friend then you are good to go. Instil cold or warm water into the machine as per instructed in the care label. Again, the detergent should be mild and bleach-free. 

Upon dunking the entire blanket into the machine, select the instructed washing setting and time. When you choose this option, you no longer have to rub, squeeze or swish as the machine is doing all of it on behalf of you. Yet, there remains a tiny possibility of ruining your expensive blanket, perhaps this is the reason why people either wash it by hands or take it to a washing store.

Final Thoughts

We prepared this article to address your probing on how to wash a weighted blanket. Machine wash is way easier than hand wash yet carries a little risk, where hand wash seems tiring yet always brings a safe result.

Both have positive and negative perks, so it’s totally up to you how you want to wash your weighted blanket off. Whichever you choose, we’re wishing you Good Luck with that

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